Small World Coffee

It Really is a Small World After All

As most of you know, I am a coffee fanatic. I will find happiness in every coffee shop that I walk into. The instant vibe will set the standards of how good the coffee will be.

I am fortunate enough to live ten minutes away from the town of Princeton, NJ, which has many shops, restaurants, and cafes. There is one shop that stands out and is the most well known in the town; this place is called Small World Coffee which is located on Witherspoon Street. Not only are there students, business workers, and parents, the shop welcomes you with positivity. The menu is small but quite perfect for anyone who knows what kind of coffee they like to drink. Snacks are served such as cookies, biscotti, muffins, croissants, scones, etc. to go with your cup of coffee. The workers are always at their best, more like 1000%. They will continue to have a smile on their face throughout the whole day. Even when the shop gets a rush, they are even happier to serve you.

When I was a rookie, I would just order a “double joe to go.” Ever since my love for coffee has grown, I have been experimenting with every drink on the menu. The lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and teas can boost your day any day. My person favorites are by season; winter – cappuccino forte, spring – iced coffee, summer – nola or arnold palmer, fall – latte.

Throughout the shop there are people constantly working, talking, eating, listening, or reading. Every person that walks into Small World Coffee has a purpose. My purpose is to see what every single person is meant to be doing. I love to see how everyone is different and how they can all be in one specific place at one specific time. Even though most people are there to chat or do work, it still makes the shop special to welcome any person with open arms.

What makes Small World Coffee even better is that there are two locations – double the coffee! This location has the same exact drink menu and it has a bigger food selection. At the Nassau Street shop, you can order sandwiches, salads, oatmeal, etc. and snacks. There is not as much room to sit inside at this location but it is perfect for a quick grab and go.

I have to admit that I am a little spoiled that I can drive ten minutes down the road to purchase one of the best cups of coffee that I will ever have. While I’m at school, there is no coffee shop that is even close to Small World. But for when I visit home, it makes the trip even more special to come back to one of my favorite places in the world.

– Caroline xo

Do Lipton employees take coffee breaks?” – Steven Wright

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