Men’s Fashion

Men’s Fashion is Better than Women’s

Fashion has helped men and women express themselves however they please. Over time, women’s fashion has become less feminine and a little more masculine. But of course people can choose how they want to dress everyday. As the times change so do the trends but fashion always repeats itself.

As the newest collections come out each season, I am always inspired to purchase some of the best pieces. I look at both the men and women’s collection of each season to see the best trends. The simple, classic style has always been around for men and now women are starting to follow this (and I am not complaining!).

So how do men get so lucky by wearing simple clothing and still look good? Here are some things to keep in mind –

  1. Men don’t try as hard as women do.
  2. They can always put on jeans, a zip up and sneakers.
  3. Button downs never fail.
  4. Living in sweatpants and timberlands is acceptable.
  5. Baseball hats are always in.

Now if you ask me I would love to be able to pull off any men’s style any day but, that’s what makes being a girl different and even more fun :). I love men’s fashion for ideas on how to make my style a little bit different. So, next time you are stuck on finding an outfit to wear, look up men’s outfits! Here are some examples –

I hope this helps you with your next outfit choice. Remember, simplicity is always better.

– Caroline xo

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