Spring 2016

15 Reasons to be Excited for Spring

As February is coming to an end, people are starting to get excited for the warmer weather and especially because the ground hog told us we are going to have an early spring. I am one of those obnoxious people who cannot wait for spring because it is my favorite season of the year. So are you excited for spring? If so, here are my top 15 reasons you should be excited for spring.

  1. No more jackets
    • We are all sick of the snow and the cold weather, of course. We are itching for a little bit of warmth so we do not have to lug around our heavy coats. That is one of the best things about spring. You can always get away with wearing a light jacket or no jacket at all! 60 degree weather is almost here hang in there!
  2. More smiles
    • The warmer weather always brings positive energy into everyone’s lives. How could you complain when its 70 degrees out? Everyone always feels good once spring is here because they are looking towards the next season, summer.
  3. It is almost summer
    • Yes, we are all counting down the days until summer. Once spring comes, summer is even closer. Summer break is right around the corner; it will be here in a blink of an eye.
    • Did I just say DRESSES? Yes I did! Spring time is the best to throw on your favorite dress and some sandals. Dresses are the easiest piece of clothing to throw on and you will look cute no matter what.
  5. Pretty trees and flowers
    • Bloomed trees, yes please! Flower season helps everyone feel better and more positive. Seeing flowers on trees and in stores can instantly put you in a good mood (unless you have serious allergies).
  6. Iced drinks
    • Warmer weather means that iced teas or coffee are coming around. Yes you may drink this all year round, but for people like me who only drink hot drinks in the winter, it makes us very excited.
  7. New clothes???
    • Each season calls for a change in your wardrobe. Go out and treat yourself to those fancy shoes, shorts, top or funky dress that you have been eyeing. There is nothing wrong with buying things that will make you happy.
  8. Outdoor activities are not dreadful
    • Playing football, soccer or beach volleyball is extremely dreadful when its 10 degrees outside. The warm weather will give you an excuse to be more active. Go on a hike with your friends, play basketball or just sit outside on the grass and embrace the warmth.
  9. Painted toes
    • Sandals and flip flops are back! Your feet are ready for that beautiful spring air so why not make them look pretty? Go get your toes done at your favorite salon. And do not worry, toe nail polish stays on a lot longer than you would expect :).
  10. You will start to get a tan
    • Since you will be outside more, this means you will start getting your tan back. Everyone has to agree that being tan makes you feel better about yourself. The dead of winter is finally coming to an end which means your pale pasty stage is almost over. Be patient and you will be tan before you know it.
  11. Days become longer
    • When it gets dark at 6 at night, my brain shuts off. I am ready for bed a I do not want to do anything. Once the days start becoming longer, you will feel more energized and motivated to stay awake.
  12. It is still scarf season πŸ™‚
    • That is right ladies you can still wear one of your favorite winter essentials in the spring! Light scarves make your outfit complete and will not keep you from being too warm.
  13. Windows down, music up
    • Sunroofs and windows can finally open. One of the best parts of spring is embracing the fresh air. There is nothing better than opening your windows to fresh air and to blast your music even louder.
  14. Casual lunches or dinners outside
    • Warmer weather leads to outdoor seating. Many restaurants or cafes have outdoor seating in the spring and summer so people can enjoy the beautiful fresh air while eating a delicious meal.
  15. Sunglasses are back
    • Ok I am sure you wear sunglasses in the winter but you definitely do not wear them as much as you do in the spring. The newest sunglass styles come out right at the start of spring. So go out and buy yourself some of the newest trends of this spring season.

I hope you are just as excited for spring as I am! Only a couple more weeks of this cold weather, hopefully!

-Caroline xo

You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” – Tom Hiddleston

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