Valentine’s Day Outfits

This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Valentine’s day may be your favorite holiday or it could mean absolutely nothing to you. But, there is no reason why you should not celebrate. If you are in a relationship, go out to dinner and treat yourselves. Or, have a nice night it with Chinese food and a movie. If you are single, hang out with your best girlfriends or go out dancing at a club. If you prefer to do neither, own your night alone by treating yourself to that dessert you’ve been eyeing for forever or go see Fifty Shades Darker. Whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day, you are going to need an outfit. Something to make yourself feel self loved and confident. Here are some outfit inspirations for this Valentine’s Day.

The Date

Going somewhere special with your special someone? Do not be afraid to take a risk and dress yourself up! Silk midi dresses are perfect for this Valentine’s Day. These dresses are not super form fitting but they are sleek and sharp. They will boost your confidence especially pairing them with your favorite heels. Just in case it is freezing, you can throw on a trench coat or pea coat over the dress. Finalize your outfit by putting on your lip color and favorite necklace.


It’s a girl’s night! If you are feeling girly, you are going to need to find the perfect pair of belle bottoms. Flare jeans are comfortable and fun, especially going into the spring season. Wear these jeans with an off the shoulder sweater top. These can be found almost anywhere! For accessories, you can add a bandana, choker or skinny scarf. You can wear almost any kind of shoe with this outfit. For the winter, it would be best to wear a heeled bootie. I topped off this outfit by adding a ChloΓ© bag and a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.

Club Night

It’s Valentine’s Day, why not go out?! Going out with your girlfriends is the perfect way to have a great night. Over the knee boots have been extremely popular this past fall season. With these boots, you can wear anything you want. I paired these shoes with a leather skirt and crop top. Over this outfit, you can throw on a fur jacket. Make sure you bring your favorite cross body bag and wear your nude lipstick. It’s time to have a fun night out!

A Night To Yourself

If you have a late night at the office or just want a nice night to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with a pajama and movie night! Put on your slippers, favorite pair of pajamas and robe. Light a candle, pour a glass of wine and put on the best romantic comedy you can think of.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Valentine’s Day and you enjoy your day! Make sure you’re laughing, smiling and of course, loving.

-Caroline xoxo

“Make up your mind to be happy today. No matter what, let no one and no situation take that away from you. Hold on to your joy.”

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