2017 into 2018

Happy New Year’s Eve! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and that it is already time to begin a new year. I truly am looking forward to 2018. Even though 2017 had many tragic events between hurricanes, fires and terrorism, it truly was a great year for some of us. For me, it was a transformational year into becoming who I truly want to be and overall, I enjoyed every moment of the year. I hope to continue this into 2018 and to make the year just as positive by being surrounded by amazing friends and my loving family.


Throughout 2017, I have learned the importance of making yourself truly and genuinely happy. I have realized that no matter what, you have to put yourself and your happiness first before others. Yes, it is always important to make other people happy and give them the respect & satisfaction that they deserve. But, you cannot forget about yourself. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and people that make you truly happy is going to make your positive lifestyle a reality.


This is quite cheesy but last night I saw “The Greatest Showman” (which is so great by the way) and its main message is how happiness and close friendships/family has a strong effect on so many people. It makes people feel inspired, confident and motivated to do good. The pleasure of making others feel content with their life can move them in such a huge way. Just like that, a small little gesture, whether it is a compliment, a smile or saying “hello”, can make someone’s day better. I feel as though many people do not understand this. So start off the new year by saying “hello” to a stranger or give someone a hug, it could truly make their day or even that split second, so much better for them.

I am grateful for all of the people, experience and adventures that 2017 has brought. I am excited to see what 2018 brings! Here are some of my favorite moments of this year.






With 2018 just a few hours away, I believe this will be my motto for 2018. Making it a year of pure happiness for everyone around me, including myself. Even though I have been living my life like this for many years, I hope to carry it on throughout the rest of my life. Here is to a new year of new beginnings, unconditional love and pure positivity. Cheers!




-Caroline xoxo

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