New Year, New Must-Haves

Happy new year!! 2017 FLEW by, just like every other year. This January is going to be filled with constant sales. Between post holiday sale and MLK day sales, you will most likely find your winter “must-haves” on the sale rack. To start the 2018 season, I will be sure to have these staple pieces, that I am about to share, in my closet. I am currently abroad in Paris for the month, which is one of the fashion capitals in the world. There are people constantly shopping, walking around and people watching in this city. Just from walking on the street, I am able to see the current trends and newest trends ahead.Β  Here a couple of my must-haves for the month.


Of course I see people constantly wearing berets since I am in Paris. It is very easy to find one here on the streets, but at home it is not as convenient. The fisherman hat and beret are the ultimate staple pieces to your closet for the



Puffer Jacket

Do you want to stay extra warm this winter? Yes, especially since it has been so frigid. The puffer jacket is back! If you haven’t noticed already, you can find these types of jackets in almost every retail store! Be on the look-out for post Christmas sales since these can get a bit expensive.




As most of you have seen on other bloggers posts and Instagrams, religious necklaces are used for layering. Whether it is a cross or a Saint Nicholas necklace, it has become very popular for women and men to wear these with their everyday outfits. Here are some of my favorite websites that have some of the best staples for layering.

Shami Jewelry

The M Jewelers

Holy Recycle

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration while shopping! Enjoy the sales πŸ™‚

-Caroline xo

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