Paris Fashion Week 2018

Paris fashion week has officially came to an end for me! Wow, what an amazing experience. Through my study abroad trip and the Paris American Academy, my trip and I were able to work at men’s and haute couture fashion shows for one week. Some people worked less shows than others, but overall we were all able to experience at least one men’s fashion show, one haute couture show and watch at least one show.

We started off dressing at the men’s shows on January 15. Some of us were split but the majority of us were able to work at the Walter Van Beirendonck. This Fall 2018/Winter 2019 collection was extremely distinct. The collection was filled with Latex leggings, geometric sunglasses, oversized jackets and big leather boots or rubber boots. Some models only had one looks while others had two or three looks. These were very quick changes but we were able to pull it off! Here are some of the pictures I attempted to take at the show along with professional pictures of the men I dressed.

The next day we worked at Hed Mayner. This Fall 2018/Winter 2019 collection was very simple and sophisticated compared to the Walter Van Beirendonck collection. I enjoyed this collection because it similar to my personal style. Each model had two looks and these changes were the fastest quick changes that I have ever experienced. I did not have the chance to take too many pictures at the show, but here are some professional pictures.

Starting the next week on January 22, we began our first week working haute couture. The first show we worked at was Tony Ward. This Spring/Summer 2018 collection was absolutely stunning. All of the dresses and jumpsuits were extremely detailed in beads, flower patterns and fine fabrics. The team of Tony Ward was unbelievable. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and nice. They all made sure that we were putting all of the dresses on carefully and quickly to make sure that the show would go smoothly. There were about 40 looks at this show and each model had two or three different looks. They also showed one bridal dress from the bridal collection, which was just breathtaking (this is exactly what I want my wedding dress to look like). Here are some photos from the amazing collection of Tony Ward.

Later that day, I was able to watch my first show from Yuima Nakazato. This collection was very, very different from anything I have ever seen. This collection introduced the idea of future fashion and science. It was a short collection with only 6 models and about 11 looks. Here are some of the outfits from this collection.

Next, I was able to watch another show from George’s Chakra. This collection was one of my favorites of the week. It was a combination of long and short dresses. Most of them had many ruffles attached to the dress or specific detailing that made the dress very unique. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this show. It had great lights with awesome, upbeat music. Here are some pictures from this show.

Our second to last dressing was for Gallia Lavah. This collection was very different from the others. There was a lot of glitter and sparkles on these dresses. Most of them were long but there were some beautiful short dresses. The models were all extremely nice and friendly. They all were having fun backstage which made this experience uplifting to work at. Here are some dresses from Gallia Lavah’s SS’18 collection.

Our last dressing was for Christophe Josse. I absolutely loved this collection. It reminded me of a Free People dessert collection so it was right up my alley. I had the most genuine and sweet model. Her name was Addie and she’s from Australia. She made the last show so special for me and she wore the most beautiful dress. Here are some pictures from the show and of Addie.

Being able to work and watch at men’s and couture fashion week was truly an unbelievable experience. As a fashion major, I have cherished these show and it has given me more of an idea on what I want to do in the future. I will never forget these shows and I am so grateful to have this opportunity. Cheers to a great week!

-Caroline xoxo

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