family vacation

Good morning! Wow, what a crazy two weeks. My family and I took our annual vacation to Avalon, NJ. When I mean family, I mean my whole extended family. We have been going on vacation together every summer for the past 6 years. It is something that we look forward to every single year and it truly is the best time & reunion. There is something special about the beach that we all just love and Avalon is one of our favorite places to be – how can you not be happy at the beach?! Since I am interning in the city, I was lucky enough to be able to take off for a week so I could go down! We had the absolute BEST time and of course we all got some sunshine β˜€οΈ



My dad’s cousin from Australia came to visit us for the first week and it truly didn’t feel like we had guests. Him, his wife and son stayed with my family and I and we enjoyed every second of their company. For just meeting them for the first time, I can truly say they made themselves at home and were comfortable in our house right away. We all got along very well and of course my aunts & cousins were so excited to meet them and spend time with them as well.




After the first week with having friends visit and our cousins staying with us, I had to go back into New York to work for the week while my family was still down the shore. I ended up staying with my grandma for the week because I was too scared to be home alone in my house (lol) but it ended up working out perfectly! On Thursday I got out of work waayyyy earlier than expended due to technical difficulties and I was able to meet my family back down the shore later that day. It was nice to relax just the 5 of us plus my aunt, uncle and cousin. Way quieter than the week before – but of course we still had the best time.13DD9050-76D7-464C-A6FD-1F9B808E7CC0.JPG



Every year at some point we get up super early to drive into Cape May for the morning and spend about 4 hours on the beach there. This year, we decided to go on our last morning. We all got up at 7:30 to drive to the top of NJ. We grabbed breakfast at this little shack right on the beach (tbh it was kinda gross but it’s all about the experience!) and headed right back down to the beach. There were people surfing, playing in the sand and just enjoying the gorgeous morning. It was absolutely perfect out and we always take a walk up to the lighthouse, which is about a 1.5 mike walk from where we sit.

On our walk we saw dolphins riding the wakes of the boats and jumping out of the water while swimming in a pack. I have never seen dolphins jump out of the water before so it was very cool to see them doing that in person! Usually used to just seeing that in movies. As we walked back, all of our legs felt like jello and we were ready to make our way back to Avalon. Unfortunately, the weather for the second half of the day wasn’t our friend so we ended up having a 2 hour day on the beach in Avalon and came back home to start packing & cleaning. We went out to dinner for our last night and of course got our favorite ice cream from Springer’s πŸ˜‹




My sisters and I decided to go to the famous Uncle Bills Pancake House for our last breakfast and time together in Avalon for the summer. Once we got home, we went back to doing our own thing but reunited as a whole family on Sunday for a huge party! It was great to spend a little extra time with them since we usually only see each other about 3 times a year; however, this summer is an exception.

It’s a bittersweet feeling to be back from one of my favorite places. The beach cures everything and is truly a happy place for my family and I. We thank our Pop-pop for making us love the beach so much and of course my other grandfather too (my sunshine’s). Even though we all don’t realize it, at some point we walk to the edge of the water and just look out into the ocean. It’s hard to explain the feeling that it brings but there is something so peaceful about it. It will forever be one of my favorite feelings in the world and every beach trip becomes even more special.



Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. My bathing suits that are featured are from Aerie and my jean shorts are from Gap! Thanks to my amazing photographer & sissy for taking all these pics of me πŸ’›

I hope everyone gets to put their feet at the edge of the water at some point this summer!

-Caroline xoxo

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