Haute Couture SS’19

Hello everyone!

Just this past week was the end of Haute Couture Fashion Week for Spring 2019 and can we just take a minute to talk about it?! I am still processing all of the collections and in awe of everything that was presented at the shows. Each collection was very big, extravagant and in your face. Many tailored looks, ruffled dresses and patterns were featured, which made the shows one to remember.

My favorite shows from the week were Christian Dior, Viktor & Rolf, Elie Saab, and Valentino.


Christian Dior


First off, I absolutely LOVED how this show reminded me of The Greatest Showman (one of my favorite movies). The atmosphere, setting, acrobats and seating all made the dream come to life. These three looks were just a couple of my favorite looks from this collection. I love the beaded detailing on the dresses and the tailored looks to fit the circus.


Viktor & Rolf


Talk about a STATEMENT! This collection blew me away. First off, the dresses are unbelievable. The texture and handcrafted ruffles on each dress are detailed and precise. Each dress fits with the phrase that is on the dress and draws in so much attention. These three dresses are my favorites from the collection.


Elie Saab


The detailing in all of Elie Saab’s designs are exquisite. They are hand-crafted and detailed until the final touch. These three looks are just three that stood out to me the most. I loved the whole collection, especially the wedding dress as the finale.




Valentino’s Haute Couture collection blew me away. I loved the makeup, hair and dresses. They are all truly gorgeous and this collection has been one of my favorite Valentino collections ever.


I hope you find these collection just as amazing as they are. Very excited what Ready-to-Wear Fall 2019 has to bring!


-Caroline xoxo

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